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Children Photographer

I am a children photographer based out of Noelville, a little town in Northern Ontario in the Sudbury region. So basically I am part of the Sudbury children photographers serving the area that we love. My little corner of the world offers many photo opportunities and I surely take advantage of them, farmers field, luscious forest land, natural rock formations and of course wildlife.  If there is one thing that I can say about the area that we live it’s that it is a hidden gem that is still waiting to be discovered.

Child Photographer

As a child photographer, I want to create images that can only be described as fine art. I believe in capturing the little ones in a natural environment to create beautiful images of their character in a unique and tasteful way. Combining the beauty of nature in the images that I take is totally unique in this area.

Ideal time of the day

My ideal time to photograph children is in the evening hours 1½ to 2 hours before sunset. The evening light is the most beautiful light of the day. It offers the opportunity to use it in so many different ways not found during the day. This light has a unique character that can be used to bring out certain traits in kids and create amazing effects.


Our objective is too provide our clients with amazing images of their young ones by capturing their characters in the most unique and beautiful light in an environment that creates timeless memories.

As you view our Children gallery, you will find images that are quite unique and are photographed in a natural environment as kids play and being who and what they are.  While you’re at it why don’t you visit our beautiful Fairy Princesses Gallery  to view some beautiful images of the little fairies that come in to visit us in our Enchanted Forest

The image below will take you to our beautiful Children Gallery

Sunset Children