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Clothing Tips

Pay special attention to the following clothing tips

Here are some clothing tips that will assure that you get the most out of your photography session with us.

The most common mistake that people make when arriving at their portrait session is clothing. Either the clothing doesn’t match in colors or the colors are loud or are full of stripes. Although patterned clothing looks OK in regular everyday life, it doesn’t look good in portraiture as it tends to draw to much attention to it rather than the subjects themselves.  Avoid striped and patterned clothing. Neutral colors as long as they matched together with the clothing worn by the entire party is the ideal way to go.

Avoid wearing busy, distracting or hard contrasting tones and your love your portraits a whole lot better. They will be more pleasing to the eye and you will be proud to display them on your walls. Remember, the important part of the picture which is the people and not the clothing.

Mixing light colors with dark colors

Avoid wearing patterns and mixing dark with light colors. What I mean is avoid wearing black pants with a white top. This creates a very busy look and not very flattering. Solid, muted tones are the best and you will be rewarded if you follow this guideline.

Please be aware that you do not have to be all in the same color as long as you are in the same tonal range. What I mean is for example pastels can be mixed with pastels. If wearing darker colors then match them. You should steer away from stripes, busy patterns and the floral look.

Have a look at the following images to give you an idea where clothing matches and does not draw attention.

Family with proper clothing for photo sessionFamily number 2 in proper clothingFamily number three with perfect clothing for sessionAnother family with perfect clothing for a photo sessionDAL_0182Love the clothing colors and tones in this photoPlad shirts with solid color clothing on other family members is perfect

One thing that always get forgotten is too match your socks with the rest of your clothing.  I often see situations where the socks are completely incompatible with what someone is wearing.  So please pay attention to your socks and of course your footwear.

Prescription Glasses

Avoid using prescription glasses that get darker when you go outside.  These will make you look like someone from the Secret Service.  If you can find a pair that matches your regular pair and remains doesn’t change color when you are outside, then please make sure you bring them in.  If you can’t then maybe you could speak with your optometrist if he or she could loan you a pair without the glasses in them.  Please note that make sure you bring your glasses though because if you wear them all of the time you will not look good without them.

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