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High School Seniors 2017

To all High School Seniors

All students graduating this year as High School Seniors this is an amazing opportunity for you.

Graduating fromHigh School Seniors grade 12 in High School is a major milestone in a senior student’s life. It is one he or she will remember and reminisce on for the rest of their natural life. It is a moment to be frozen in time as a beautiful young adult emerges from childhood to and begins the journey to adulthood. They have their entire future ahead of them and they aren’t afraid to think outside the frame for their photos.  We feel it is vital to connect with the future graduate and ask them questions to learn about their future plans. It is important to invest in who they are as a person so that their photos genuinely reflect their many talents and personality. We want to create images that are natural and reflect their inner self.

In the world of digital imagery, focused on “selfies”, it is important for us to create timeless photos to commemorate this life change by capturing images that best represents who they are and what is important to them. Having your senior portraits taken should be a fun and exciting time in your life. We will provide you an individualized photo session by working with you each and every step of the way.

Your looks are important to us

Wardrobe should be an expression of your style and how you see yourself. We will discuss many options leading up to the day of the photo shoot so you won’t be left wondering what to wear. Following our portrait session together, we will provide you with a lot of photo options, social media ready pictures, and take the time to individually edit the images we agree on. We take a lot of pride in the work we do together and our images will be a direct reflection of our time together. You will have photos that will allow you to cherish this moment as a keepsake for years to come.

We are a photography studio in the Sudbury, North Bay and Sturgeon Falls region that cares what our grade 12 graduate seniors feel like.  It is important for them to fell like models at a time in their lives that self esteem is critical to their development.  We, as photographers assure that this happens by providing them with amazing and very personalized photos that focuses on who they are as individuals.  Their photos reflects their characters and their inner beauty.

Plus we have this huge deal to help all High School Seniors make this opportunity happen.  You see every year we take on 2 or 3 High School Seniors to represent our studio.  We provide them with the authority to give a huge discount to all their High School Senior peers.  We also gave them the authority to give discounts to all family members and their friends.

Meet this year’s three representative

Britney Bazinet:  Britney will graduate from Franco Cité in Sturgeon Falls.  She has an amazing personality, loves sports, animals, books, piano, clothes, make up and taking care of herself. Britney is the youth representative for the French River Métis.  She also enjoys being in front of the camera.

Amika Gauthier:   Amika is a High School Senior at L’Ecole Secondaire de la Riviere des Français in the French River Municipality.  She plays every sport at her school and loves to ride horses. Amika likes to read and loves to write and her love for all animals is next to none.  She is definitely an outdoors person in general.

Dana Schneider:  Dana will be a High School graduate at Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School in Sudbury this year.  She’s very in tune with the outdoors, whether it be for long walks, or runs, or hiking, biking, swimming, beach parties and many other outdoor stuff.  Dana is also very passionate about her friends and her school.  She is the typical high-school student who loves both photography and people.  This High School Senior is certainly very easy to work with.  She says that if she can improve the life of just one person in her career she would be happy.


High School SeniorsHigh School SeniorsHigh School Seniors

Contact them to discuss what they can do for you as far as your High School Senior portraits.  We definitely would love to work with all upcoming high school graduates. They are full of life and ambitions.  This drives us to provide them with the most beautiful and personalized images they ever had of themselves.  These are images they will cherish for the rest of their lives and which will be passed on to their children.

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