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Let’s talk about what you should wear

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There are a lot of thoughts put into what you should wear for your photo session. One common denominator that most clients use in their decision is that they make sure everyone matches. That’s very good, however matching each others clothing is not the only thing someone should think about. Everyone can match and the photos will still not look like you want them to be. Any of the following reasons come into play to cause deception with your photos:

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  • Colors are too loud and too bright.  Avoid using bright colors when you are trying to match everyone for the photo session.  Loud colors tend to to be the most dominant feature in your photograph taking away from what is the most important aspect of your portrait, everyone’s face.  Stick with neutral earth tone colors and your portrait will dramatically improve


  • DAL_0268 copyToo many things going on.  Avoid wearing clothes that have to many distracting features in them such as everyone wearing shirts or tops that have floral patterns in them.  Other distracting features include clothes with stripes or t-shirts and sweatshirts with writing or logos on them.  Although these clothing look real nice in everyday life they are not ideal features for portraiture.


  • White is not always a good thing.  Although white is definitely a neutral color it tends to be just too bright and become the dominant feature in the photo.  Many photographers love when people wear white but for us unless it is a high key photograph that we are after white is a color we ask clients to avoid wearing.  The face has to be the dominant feature in a photograph and everything else needs to compliment just that.


  • The next series of images will give you suggestions on what you should wear for your photo session.  If you are going to use patterns, match them with solid colors but make sure that clothing is all in the same color tones.  It’s as simple as that.

Matching patterns with solid colors in the same tones or completely solid colors in a neutral tone are ideal for a photo session

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If you require more information on what to wear please drop us a line at or call us at (705) 898-2927.  You could also check out the following page on our website tips

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