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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography for me as always been where I refine my skills to capture the true personalities and love of the couple. We photographed many weddings in the Sudbury, North Bay and Sturgeon Falls area and they always turn out amazing.  We have years of expertise as Sudbury Wedding Photographers having captures hundreds of weddings over the years.

We work with the couples to assure that their wedding photography is what they expected it to be and even better. As a bonus, with all of our wedding collections, we throw in an engagement session at no extra charge to the couple. This is done to become totally familiar with the couple and vice versa for them. They get to know what their wedding photography is like and we get to know what the couple is like. Comes wedding day then all of the get to know each other jitters are out of the way.

We are one of the elite wedding photographers in Sudbury. Our work is a true example of how we capture each wedding meticulously which reflects our love in doing so.

Here is what we do to assure that we meet or exceed your expectations as we capture your wedding

  1. Learn as much as we can about your wedding.
  2. Listen to you so that we know what you are expecting your wedding to be.
  3. Ask a lot of questions to cover every angle.
  4. Work with you every step of the way from the beginning to the end.
  5. Offer suggestions to help you prepare along the way.

This reassures that what you have envisioned your wedding to be is exactly what will be delivered to you.  We want to give you exactly what you expect for your wedding because it is the single most important thing that we want to do for you.  The love you have for each other will be forever encapsulated in time and in the photos you will share with your loved one.  We have years of experience behind us, therefore we know what we are doing.  By hiring us you not leaving anything to chances that is why we can promise you that we will deliver what you expect.  It’s as simple as that.


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