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How to best showcase your wall portraits

You’ve gone through the hardest part,  scheduling the session,  getting prepared for the session and the actual session. Why not showcase those captured memories around your house? Now comes another mind boggling part of the entire experience,

Your not sure of what size you should hang or what exactly should you hang.  It’s hard enough to pick out the perfect pose and now it’s to pick the perfect pieces and to know which sizes are best.

Some images fit together perfectly for a space or room, but determining the best size and combination can be a challenge.

We recently went through some personal family sessions and since our little family is made up of 3 different little families we thought a wall collage would best showcase them on our living room walls.  Now what, where and what size to hang on our walls was the next things we needed to determine.  Since we had a huge empty wall area just over our family sofa it was a no-brain er that this space needed to be filled up.  As we all know displaying family portraits on our walls can bring some much needed warmth to a room that even warm colors cannot achieve.

There are several ways to display your family portraits on a wall.  Here are a few ideas;

  • Nice large wall portrait covering a large area.  Suggested sizes depends on the size of the wall you want to cover.
    • A large wall over a sofa – Large size portrait would vary from 20″ x 30″ on the low end to 40″ x 60″ on the high end
    • please note that a 20″ x 30″ wall portrait would look nice in a cluster of wall mounts
  • A cluster of wall mounts
  • as part of a series of portrait either portrait style (standing up) or landscape style (laying on its side)
  • A stairway cluster
  • Framed or canvased

Nice large wall portrait (wall mount)

Single Canvas - Room copyWhat better way to showcase the single most important gift in one’s life, your family.  A nice large size wall portrait can add warmth to a large wall.  It is as important if not more important as any pieces of furniture found in the room.  It is an investment that is worth preserving and showcasing in all of its glory.  In the picture on the left the wall mount is a 40″ x 60″ canvas print.  In this case anything smaller would just get lost on the wall and lose its lustre.


A cluster of wall mounts

Kayla Benvenuti Room 1A cluster works very well on most any walls and can be an ideal way of showcasing more than one portrait a a time while filling up a bare wall.  One of the advantages of using a cluster of wall portraits is that it allows you to display a few portraits that best represents what you are after if you want to display different families or children within the main family.  In our case as mentioned above we have 3 little families within our principle family.  So we decided on 3 large 20″ x 30″ portrait wall mounts to best showcase our three children’s families.

Cluster 2 copy


Another different configuration of a wall cluster.  One large 40″ x 60″ wall portrait in the middle with two 16″ x 24″ mounted on each side.




A stairway cluster

Stairway cluster 1 readyStairways are always a perfect place to hang a series of wall portraits smaller in size creating a very nice visual cluster that showcases the persons that are very dear to you.  The best way to do this is to hang them using the same angle that the stairs form.  This way the series of portraits are displayed symmetrically with the staircase which compliments the display on the wall.  In this photo, we have a series of 11″ x 14″ on the bottom row with 8″ x 10″ on top.  Finishing the display a nice 20″ x 30″ wall portrait is nicely hung at the bottom of the staircase.



To display within a frame or on canvas

That question is best answered simply by saying that is entirely up to you.  If you like the contemporary traditional look then by all means get your wall mounts framed.  If you like a more modern feel then canvased portraits are hard to beat.  Nevertheless we can help you with this decision.

Whatever decision you make we will be there to guide you so that you can be assured how best to display your wall portraits.  We’ll offer advice on the size you should consider on which wall.  We can even go to your home and see exactly what you are up against.  With our state of the art software we can load a picture of your wall or walls and then display what sizes you should consider, whether you should cluster your mounts or simply hang them by themselves.  We can help you on that at no extra charge.