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High School Senior Photography

High School Senior Photography is a very popular way of showing who you are as an individual during your final high school year.  We’ve worked with many graduating students  over the years and each one has come out with amazing and beautiful photos capturing who they are at the time in their lives where they are most likely to leave their parents homes and begin the journey to adulthood.  Let’s face it, this will be, in many cases, when your child will leave your nest and begin to make it on their own.  We believe it is very important that you capture this moment since it will never be duplicated.  With High School Senior portraits you will cherish these memories forever.

We make a connection with each student.  We want to know what they like.  What is their take on life, what they like on fashion, what their focus is and what basically makes them tick.  We believe the more we know about each individual the better the photography session will be and the better chance at making some amazing portraits.  Photography is not about taking pictures.  It is more about capturing who the person is.  Every photo has to tell a story about the individual.  Each individual is different so each photo session has to be different.  It has to show everything about who the student. We, at Dal Photography, specialize in that.  We will take the time to understand the graduating senior.  Our sessions can last up to 3 hours.  We want to make sure we do everything right.  We want to make sure we capture what we want to capture, the personality of your child.

We specialize in High School Senior Photography.  We do it professionally to bring out the beauty of each individual we photograph.

A very common way of showcasing your children’s portraits is through a Photobook.

High School Senior Portrait

A High School Senior Photobook usually consists of 20 pages or 10 spreads and comes with a beautiful handcrafted box.  There are usually approximately 20 photos in a photobook.  A great way to get a whole bunch of photos in an easy to show high quality photobook.  A great gift to your departing high school senior.  These are not just great photobooks, they are amazing photobooks.  Worth every penny!


Another way is right on your wall

High School Senior Wall Portrait

There is no better place to showcase your graduating senior than on your wall.  The various combinations of wall portraits mounts are endless.  You can choose to hang them in a cluster or simply have one hanging by itself over a piece of furniture on a living room wall.  Your imagination is your limit, however we can help you decide what size you need and where you would hang it.  Let us help you in your decision.

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High School Senior Photography

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