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Grand kids

Grand kids

Having our grand kids over for the weekend is a gift we receive for all of the love and hard work we accomplished raising our children.  They say that your children are the fruit of your love but let me tell you that your grand children are the reward for having raised your children.  I know that when they come over we will not get much done.  They will constantly be asking for attention. We also know that by the time they leave we will be tired but that happens we will start to miss them right away.

The weekend will be filled with laughter, little bobo’s, a little of this and a little of that.  We will be catering to their every need and when comes dodo time we will be getting a lot of kisses and hugs.  We will be tired but definitely we will have a smile on our faces.

Unconditional Love

I know all of us can relate that having kids requires unconditional love.  We are ready at a moment’s notice to drop everything that we are doing to cater to our children’s need.  Well the very same holds true when you have grand kids.  You feel what they feel.  Your heartbroken when they’re sad and you rejoice when they are happy and playing.  They say the darnedest things that brings a big smile on our faces.  What can I tell you except that they mean the world to us.

Skyla and Hailey

This weekend we had our two little girls over, Skyla and Hailey.  We played outside for quite a few hours since it was a beautiful weekend.  Skyla is 2 years old and Hailey is almost 10 month’s old.  They keep us busy and there is no time to be bored.  They are still here this morning but they will be leaving us soon.  When they finally go we will just sit there for a few moments to catch our breath.  However it won’t be long till we realize how much we miss them and how much the house now feels empty and cold.  That is a ritual.  They come in, they keep us busy, we get tired, they leave, we miss them.  Been there done that quite a few times.  We love them to pieces.  That is our gift.

Tristan and Liam

We don’t see these two as often as we see the girls but we do love them as much.  Liam is nearly 2 years old and the cutest little blond kid I know.  Tristan is the oldest of the four at 9 years old.  He’s a great little hockey player that enjoys the outdoor.  When he comes over it’s outside we go and we will stay there the entire day, building campfires, shooting his pellet gun, exploring the bush and doing things every little nine years old boys do.  Liam gets amazed by the smallest little things.  He is truly a little boy.  His little blue eyes, blond hair and unforgettable smile just melts our hearts.   Like Hailey and Skyla, as soon as they leave to go back home our home becomes empty once more, but then our lives are filled with happy memories.

Our Grand Kids

I always think that in an unlikely event that I could start my life all over again what would I do different.  But to tell you the truth if I was to change any little thing that has happened in my life and make a different decision or take a different path, our grand children would probably not be here.  I believe that every little decision we made during our short lifetime here on earth dictates where are today and who is part of our lives.  Any little thing we would have changed that would have been a touch different than what we did to date, our lives would be completely different.  In our case we probably would be without our grand kids.  I cannot bear thinking about that so I am happy with what I’ve done and would definitely not do anything different.

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My inspirations in life

What are my inspirations in life?  What drives me, what makes me tick and who I am and what I want to be?  As I sit here at my computer trying to figure out what I am going to write about this morning for my Blog, (because I promised myself that I was going to write a blog every Monday or should I say I am going to try and write one every Monday),  I realized that the things that inspire me the most in life is love, music and romantic movies.  No matter how many things I thought about that inspires me they all somehow relate back to these 3 things.  Without them I would not be here and without them I believe my life would just be a dead branch floating on an endless river going nowhere.


So my true inspirations in life are these 3 things that are so integrated to each other that it became very clear to me why I am inspired by them.  Why love?  Well every morning I wake up beside the love of my life, my wife.  She is the start of my day, my sunshine and my reason for being here.  She has brought me so many joys in life that I quit counting (not enough fingers on my hands).  Her and I have been through so many little ordeals during our time together that could have pushed us apart but somehow she stuck with me.  That is love so that is why love inspires me.  This year will mark 40 years of marriage and I look back at how the years have physically changed us in so many ways but our love prevailed through it all.


Now where does music fit in all of this.  In the most difficult times in my life I have always found my way out by listening to music.  There are so many stories that songs share with us.  Many of them were written as a result of someone’s life experiences.  If you listen to them closely you will always find the answer you are looking for.  Someone somewhere has gone through the same things we all go through in life and have written a song about it.  It is through their experiences and their songs that we can find inspirations to overcome many of our obstacles and continue on with our journey.  Remember when I said that my inspirations are related well music is mostly written about love.

Romantic Movies

What can I say about romantic movies except that I am a romantic at heart and watching them amplifies my love for life.  I am one of these big sucks when it comes to watching love stories.  Lisette always tells me that I am getting worst and that I cry very easy when I am watching a love story.  My guess for why am I becoming softer as I age is that I have learned over the years that what matters the most in this world we live in, is love.  When I am watching a story of someone’s life I somehow feel what they are feeling and I relate to it.  If they feel happy, I feel happy and I shed happy tears.  If they feel sad I feel sad and I shed tears of sadness.

I get so caught up in their lives that it hurts if it hurts them and it feels great when they are happy.  People’s feelings are so important for me.  I can’t see myself hurting someone and if I do that in the spur of the moment I instantly regret it.

Love stories are about love, not about war and not about the bad things in life that fill up our lives so easily.  Love stories are what is encouraging in this world where in so many case so little of it (love) exists.  I will take a love story any day over any violent action movies.  I have grown into this facet of my life and have mellowed and realized that none of us can exist here without love.

Have a look at what inspires you

There you have it folks, I have accomplished my Monday morning goal and written my blog.    Now that you know what inspires me look back at your life and ask yourself this one question, what inspires you in the world you live in?  Have a good week everyone and become inspired.

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Our Precious Family

Our Precious Family – Where it all started.

Let me tell you our story how our precious family began.  Having kids is one of the many life-changing experiences in a person’s life.  Before our children were born we led a carefree life with nobody else to think about except ourselves.  Whenever we went somewhere we just picked up and went without a worry in the world.  We went to bed at whatever time and we woke up at whatever time.  If we felt like sleeping in one morning, we slept in.  Our life was simple, carefree and definitely worry free.   However things were about to change.  Then one day we gave birth to our first child, the beginning of our precious family.

Our first was born

It was one of the proudest moments in my life.  Little did I know what I was getting into?  Little did I know that our lives would change forever from that moment on? It was time to say goodbye to our carefree world. Goodbye to our sleeping in and of course goodbye to our freedom to do anything we wanted to do on the spur of the moment.  From then on we would need to have a plan in place for everything we did.  Little did we know that this little bundle of joy was going to be the source of us being constantly tired.

We lost our freedom

On most days, the only thought in our minds was how anxious we were to get to bed and sleep.  As our heads hit our pillows we couldn’t help but say how good it felt to be there and how well we were going to sleep, only to be awaken several times a night because this little guy wanted to be fed and changed.  Soon the thought of freedom to do whatever we wanted at any time became a distant memory and almost a forgotten one.  We were always told that our lives would change once we had little ones.  Boy they were right.  Our lives had changed from a carefree and worry free world to dirty diapers to sleepless nights to being constantly worried about someone for the first time in our lives to spending tons of money on food, diapers and toys.

The rewards

I would be lying if I were to say that I would want to go back to how it was before our first son was born, because I wouldn’t.  Somewhere along the line this little fella grew on us and became the most important person in our lives.  They say you fall in love with a child the moment you first see them enter this world.  What they never told us was that this love you have when your child is born continues to grow in such a way that you cannot imagine your life without them.  Soon you become so wrapped up in their well being that you forget your own.

There is no love greater in this world than the love you have for your child.  It’s as simple as that.  I would not go back to how things were because a huge part of what makes this life on earth all worthwhile would not be there.  We now have three children, two boys and one girl.  In addition our three children have given us four amazing grand kids.  Guess what?  It starts all over again and for sure we are in for the ride.  Would not miss this for the world.  This is our precious family. Our Precious Family Sudbury OntarioHow we capture your children

When it comes to capturing your child or children we want to showcase who they are and what makes them tick.  I believe that when I photograph a child is it best to do it in a carefree and stress free environment for them.  We use the light that is most pleasing to capture your children’s personality in its entirety

We have photographed some amazing children photos in the Sudbury, North Bay and Sturgeon Falls area over the years

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Just for Mom

Just for Mom

This one is just for mom.  Every mom’s most precious gift is her family.  She has sacrificed everything is life to devote herself to raising her children and unite them as a family.  This is why this blog today is just for mom.

A mom is a special someone

I can’t tell you how many times I wish I could see my mom again and tell her what she really meant for me.  We go through life without taking the time to show our gratitude for all the things they did for us. We don’t realize this until we lose them.  This is when it really hits us and that is when we wish we would have done so.    A mom is a special someone.  It is our duty as her children to tell her that she is a special someone.  She deserves this and a lot more.

Proud of her children

No matter what we do in life, whether good or bad, a mother will always be proud of her children.  That is her nature.  Mothers don’t see the good or the bad in us.  They only see the child that they brought into this world through unconditional love.   There is no measurement on her part and it is never in her thoughts.  Each one of her children is the most special person in the world for her.  Let’s take the time to look back and remember all of the things our moms have done for us.  We have to dig hard in our memory bank and relive all of these moments.  I strongly believe we would be overwhelmed by what we would find.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not just about picking up a card and writing a few lines and giving to her.  It’s much more than that.  It is one day of the year, one day out 365 days that we  should give thanks to our them for always being there for us.  It is our one chance to be there for her like she has been there us 365 days of the year through every year of our lives.

What we have going at Dal Photograph for moms

Our Just for Mom promotion is back.  If you have not figured out already what to get mom this Mother’s Day the we have something for you.  This is your big chance to impress Mom with the gift she was hoping to get this Mother’s Day.  A gift that brings her family together and then preserves that moment in time to be passed on her children as an heirloom.  Every mom that I have spoken to has always wanted a professional photo of her family that she can hang and display as a wall portrait in her home.  It is is not just coincidence that they all say the same thing.    They all want to be reminded through a photo day in and day out just how precious and wonderful her family is to her.



Follow this link and find out how we can do for you at an incredible and affordable price.

JUST FOR MOM PROMOTION or click on the following photo

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Reviews and Testimonials

Your Reviews and Testimonials

Posting your testimonials and reviews about your entire experience with our studio is the best way for us to get better so that we can serve you even better in the future.  We appreciate your reviews so please don’t feel shy and tell us how you felt throughout the entire process when you came in for your photo session.  We certainly would love to hear from you.  So please take the time to write us line and tell us how Dal Photography made you feel.  We have had many testimonials from many of our clients over the years.  But now we are taking steps to ensure that we get reviews and testimonials from all of our customers.

Our ultimate goal is to provide all of our clients with a great experience and sensational photos.  We want you to be happy.  An happy customer makes us very happy.  We want to thank everyone that have to taken the time to post their reviews here.  It is because of people like that we can improve in every aspect of our business.  Our studio is dedicated to provide everyone the ultimate experience when they come to see us and trust us with their photos.

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