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Our Precious Family

Our Precious Family – Where it all started.

Let me tell you our story how our precious family began.  Having kids is one of the many life-changing experiences in a person’s life.  Before our children were born we led a carefree life with nobody else to think about except ourselves.  Whenever we went somewhere we just picked up and went without a worry in the world.  We went to bed at whatever time and we woke up at whatever time.  If we felt like sleeping in one morning, we slept in.  Our life was simple, carefree and definitely worry free.   However things were about to change.  Then one day we gave birth to our first child, the beginning of our precious family.

Our first was born

It was one of the proudest moments in my life.  Little did I know what I was getting into?  Little did I know that our lives would change forever from that moment on? It was time to say goodbye to our carefree world. Goodbye to our sleeping in and of course goodbye to our freedom to do anything we wanted to do on the spur of the moment.  From then on we would need to have a plan in place for everything we did.  Little did we know that this little bundle of joy was going to be the source of us being constantly tired.

We lost our freedom

On most days, the only thought in our minds was how anxious we were to get to bed and sleep.  As our heads hit our pillows we couldn’t help but say how good it felt to be there and how well we were going to sleep, only to be awaken several times a night because this little guy wanted to be fed and changed.  Soon the thought of freedom to do whatever we wanted at any time became a distant memory and almost a forgotten one.  We were always told that our lives would change once we had little ones.  Boy they were right.  Our lives had changed from a carefree and worry free world to dirty diapers to sleepless nights to being constantly worried about someone for the first time in our lives to spending tons of money on food, diapers and toys.

The rewards

I would be lying if I were to say that I would want to go back to how it was before our first son was born, because I wouldn’t.  Somewhere along the line this little fella grew on us and became the most important person in our lives.  They say you fall in love with a child the moment you first see them enter this world.  What they never told us was that this love you have when your child is born continues to grow in such a way that you cannot imagine your life without them.  Soon you become so wrapped up in their well being that you forget your own.

There is no love greater in this world than the love you have for your child.  It’s as simple as that.  I would not go back to how things were because a huge part of what makes this life on earth all worthwhile would not be there.  We now have three children, two boys and one girl.  In addition our three children have given us four amazing grand kids.  Guess what?  It starts all over again and for sure we are in for the ride.  Would not miss this for the world.  This is our precious family. Our Precious Family Sudbury OntarioHow we capture your children

When it comes to capturing your child or children we want to showcase who they are and what makes them tick.  I believe that when I photograph a child is it best to do it in a carefree and stress free environment for them.  We use the light that is most pleasing to capture your children’s personality in its entirety

We have photographed some amazing children photos in the Sudbury, North Bay and Sturgeon Falls area over the years

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