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Just for Mom

Just for Mom

This one is just for mom.  Every mom’s most precious gift is her family.  She has sacrificed everything is life to devote herself to raising her children and unite them as a family.  This is why this blog today is just for mom.

A mom is a special someone

I can’t tell you how many times I wish I could see my mom again and tell her what she really meant for me.  We go through life without taking the time to show our gratitude for all the things they did for us. We don’t realize this until we lose them.  This is when it really hits us and that is when we wish we would have done so.    A mom is a special someone.  It is our duty as her children to tell her that she is a special someone.  She deserves this and a lot more.

Proud of her children

No matter what we do in life, whether good or bad, a mother will always be proud of her children.  That is her nature.  Mothers don’t see the good or the bad in us.  They only see the child that they brought into this world through unconditional love.   There is no measurement on her part and it is never in her thoughts.  Each one of her children is the most special person in the world for her.  Let’s take the time to look back and remember all of the things our moms have done for us.  We have to dig hard in our memory bank and relive all of these moments.  I strongly believe we would be overwhelmed by what we would find.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not just about picking up a card and writing a few lines and giving to her.  It’s much more than that.  It is one day of the year, one day out 365 days that we  should give thanks to our them for always being there for us.  It is our one chance to be there for her like she has been there us 365 days of the year through every year of our lives.

What we have going at Dal Photograph for moms

Our Just for Mom promotion is back.  If you have not figured out already what to get mom this Mother’s Day the we have something for you.  This is your big chance to impress Mom with the gift she was hoping to get this Mother’s Day.  A gift that brings her family together and then preserves that moment in time to be passed on her children as an heirloom.  Every mom that I have spoken to has always wanted a professional photo of her family that she can hang and display as a wall portrait in her home.  It is is not just coincidence that they all say the same thing.    They all want to be reminded through a photo day in and day out just how precious and wonderful her family is to her.



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