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Grand kids

Grand kids

Having our grand kids over for the weekend is a gift we receive for all of the love and hard work we accomplished raising our children.  They say that your children are the fruit of your love but let me tell you that your grand children are the reward for having raised your children.  I know that when they come over we will not get much done.  They will constantly be asking for attention. We also know that by the time they leave we will be tired but that happens we will start to miss them right away.

The weekend will be filled with laughter, little bobo’s, a little of this and a little of that.  We will be catering to their every need and when comes dodo time we will be getting a lot of kisses and hugs.  We will be tired but definitely we will have a smile on our faces.

Unconditional Love

I know all of us can relate that having kids requires unconditional love.  We are ready at a moment’s notice to drop everything that we are doing to cater to our children’s need.  Well the very same holds true when you have grand kids.  You feel what they feel.  Your heartbroken when they’re sad and you rejoice when they are happy and playing.  They say the darnedest things that brings a big smile on our faces.  What can I tell you except that they mean the world to us.

Skyla and Hailey

This weekend we had our two little girls over, Skyla and Hailey.  We played outside for quite a few hours since it was a beautiful weekend.  Skyla is 2 years old and Hailey is almost 10 month’s old.  They keep us busy and there is no time to be bored.  They are still here this morning but they will be leaving us soon.  When they finally go we will just sit there for a few moments to catch our breath.  However it won’t be long till we realize how much we miss them and how much the house now feels empty and cold.  That is a ritual.  They come in, they keep us busy, we get tired, they leave, we miss them.  Been there done that quite a few times.  We love them to pieces.  That is our gift.

Tristan and Liam

We don’t see these two as often as we see the girls but we do love them as much.  Liam is nearly 2 years old and the cutest little blond kid I know.  Tristan is the oldest of the four at 9 years old.  He’s a great little hockey player that enjoys the outdoor.  When he comes over it’s outside we go and we will stay there the entire day, building campfires, shooting his pellet gun, exploring the bush and doing things every little nine years old boys do.  Liam gets amazed by the smallest little things.  He is truly a little boy.  His little blue eyes, blond hair and unforgettable smile just melts our hearts.   Like Hailey and Skyla, as soon as they leave to go back home our home becomes empty once more, but then our lives are filled with happy memories.

Our Grand Kids

I always think that in an unlikely event that I could start my life all over again what would I do different.  But to tell you the truth if I was to change any little thing that has happened in my life and make a different decision or take a different path, our grand children would probably not be here.  I believe that every little decision we made during our short lifetime here on earth dictates where are today and who is part of our lives.  Any little thing we would have changed that would have been a touch different than what we did to date, our lives would be completely different.  In our case we probably would be without our grand kids.  I cannot bear thinking about that so I am happy with what I’ve done and would definitely not do anything different.

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