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Hey everyone, why don’t you take the time and join our email list.  Every month we will have something on special, either an exciting promotion or some product special or even awesome contests.  We want to share these with you so that you can save.  Joining our email list you will be at the forefront when these specials are launched.

When you join you are automatically a member of our 10% club.  What is the 10% club.? Well to keep it in simple terms, every time you purchase something from our long list of quality products you receive a 10% discount.  But that’s not all, in addition you automatically receive an additional $25 credit over an above your session fee credit. As an example if your session is $150 then you receive your session and $175 credit to purchase any of our quality products.  That’s $25 over and above what you normally get.  But, and there is big but, you have to join to first and then you get all of this.  If you have ever wanted to get professional photos done then this is your big chance to do that at a great saving.

Don’t hesitate, do it now and spread the word around.  Share it on Facebook, Instagram and any other social networks there is.  Your friends and family will appreciate the heads up.



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